July 8, 2015



“I’ve lost 10.2% body fat and 17 pounds attending Adam’s class… within days, I noticed a difference in my energy level-it was through the roof!”

Shannon Moore

… I wanted to try an outdoor workout, like Adventure Boot Camp in Santa Monica because I’m not much of a gym person, and the idea of working out on the beach was definitely a bonus. Right away – within days – I noticed a difference in my energy level-it was through the roof!

The inspiring location and being able to watch the sunrise as we worked out made the 5:30am class time something I actually looked forward to rather than dreaded. The varied workouts kept me interested and motivated to better my results.

Flash forward months later and I’m still going strong! I’ve lost 10.2% body fat and 17 pounds attending Adam’s class. He’s a natural leader and calming influence – and he’s designed workouts that can be modified to each individual’s fitness level.

Adam has created an extremely comfortable, fun environment for women of all fitness levels and ages, and the class has brought out my inner athlete (I had no idea she was still in there!) I also now better understand the importance of weight training and diet thanks to Adam’s easy-to-understand clinics and one-on-one follow-ups.

Almost as important to me as the impressive data has been the way the class makes me feel – it’s helped me get back to the person I once was. For everything you get for your money the class is a can’t-beat value too. I’m thrilled to have made it a part of my routine and I now can’t imagine my life without it. Westside Adventure Boot Camp has enriched and changed my life!

Shannon Moore

I’ve regained my formerly active lifestyle, and have felt confident in trying new activities… I can’t imagine starting the day in any other way!

After back and shoulder surgery, I was struggling to regain my strength, flexibility, stamina, and overall fitness. My daily gym routine just didn’t seem to be cutting it. I was in a workout rut and getting nowhere.

… Then I saw an article about Adam Brewer and Westside Adventure Boot Camp in my local paper.

… After only one boot camp I was hooked, and I’ve been working out with Adam and the wonderful women of Westside Adventure Boot Camp in Santa Monica ever since. Over time, I’ve seen incredible results in my fitness level and have fully recovered from my past injuries.

… I’ve regained my formerly active lifestyle, and have felt confident in trying new activities. Most importantly, I’ve loved every minute of the workouts. Adam keeps them fresh and interesting and always encourages us to keep pushing to the next level.

… I can’t imagine starting the day in any other way!

-Erin S.

I’ve lost 10 lbs, 5 ½% body fat, and 5 inches off my waist in Adam’s Boot Camp in Santa Monica/Pacific Palisades.

Shelley O'Connor

The journey to health and wellness is a continuous one with highs and lows. The trick, as I’m learning from Adam and Westside Adventure Boot Camp, is to work towards finding a balance…

… I call Adam Brewer my personal “yoda” and his style is the antithesis of a traditional boot camp, think of it more as a more “Zen” version. Now that is not to say that you are not going to get a butt-kicking workout, but you are always going to be guided with positive feed back and encouragement from Adam.

… I’ve lost 10 lbs., 5 ½% body fat, and 5 inches off my waist in Adam’s Boot Camp in Santa Monica/Pacific Palisades. Not to mention the really important things like the fact that I can run a mile almost 4 minutes faster than when I started or that I see muscle definition in places I never imagined possible! I feel the strength and power of my body. It really is fantastic!

… Working out with amazing women is inspiring, working out in nature is inspiring, and working out with Adam is inspiring.

Let me tell you this…if I can do this, you CAN!

Thank you Adam! None of this would be possible without you.

Much peace,

Shelley O’Connor

I have lost 29 lbs and gained muscle tone… not only do my clothes look better but I had to buy all new clothes in a smaller size!

Lindsay Rushing

Prior to joining boot camp, I was out of shape and was not happy with my body. I also had issues sleeping.  I decided to try boot camp because I was having a hard time finding the motivation to go to the gym. I was not sure if boot camp would make the difference. I am so glad that I made the decision to do boot camp.

I have lost 29 lbs and gained muscle tone. Not only do my clothes look better but I had to buy all new clothes in a smaller size.  I look and feel so much better. I have also gained energy and my sleep issues have disappeared. Boot Camp has made a tremendous difference in my life. I am so happy that I made the decision to join.

Lindsay Rushing

Mentally and physically I feel the strongest I have ever felt and I have Adventure Boot Camp in Pacific Palisades to thank for that

Meredith Phillips

… I am enjoying the results that boot camp has given me. My mental strength has improved tremendously. I am able now to give more to other people and myself because working out helps release negative energy while creating positive energy. Adam creates fun and challenging workouts all while maintaining to be such a positive influence.

… The beauty about Adam’s program is that it is specific to the individual. We are all on different levels and he is highly skilled to work with each of us on a personal basis while teaching us as an entirety. I have learned that we all have a different pace and not to judge yourself on someone else’s progress but your own.

… I have become quite the sideshow when my boyfriend and I have company. Lately he can’t get over how much my shoulders and biceps have changed. Although, this is quite embarrassing in front of company, I secretly enjoy that he’s noticing how hard I work! Mentally and physically I feel the strongest I have ever felt and I have Adventure Boot Camp in Pacific Palisades to thank for that.

… I have more energy than ever before! I enjoy feeling strong. I like seeing the results and this all takes place outside and not in a stuffy gym somewhere. I went into this program thinking that it was going to be a one time deal for me and I realized that this is a lifestyle and I am hooked! 

-Meredith Phillips

The camaraderie I have with the other girls is amazing and I encourage anyone who is even a little bashful about joining to give it a try.

Anita Greenberg

I have been working out for 20+ years and Adam is the by far the best trainer I have ever experienced. He is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and it makes a dramatic difference having someone with such a positive attitude to motivate me. If he does not know an answer to a question on fitness or nutrition, he will find the answer.

Adam changes the workout every day, which not only keep things exciting and not feeling like I am in a rut, but has resulted in remarkable changes to my overall fitness and a positive transformation of my body. Adam is always encouraging and that pushes me to work harder. I always wake up at 5:00 a.m. looking forward to my scheduled workouts.

I feel energized after the morning workout, ready to confront the rest of the day. I am hooked on the workouts and am seeing dramatic results. The camaraderie I have with the other girls is amazing and I encourage anyone who is even a little bashful about joining to give it a try. After one try, I was hooked.

Thank you so much Adam. You are awesome!!!


 “In my first bootcamp (in just four weeks), I dropped 10 pounds and my clothes fit again (that’s a lot of inches)…”

Elizabeth Osder

I came to Westside Adventure Boot Camp in Santa Monica as a 45 year old,  overworked, out of shape executive. Having long lost a sense of career/life balance, I knew one thing for sure – results matter.  In my first bootcamp (in just four weeks), I dropped 10 pounds, my clothes fit again (that’s a lot of inches), and my attitude toward exercise went from “badattitude” to “gladattitude.”  Unlike high-priced personal trainers,  tedious machines and crowded exercise classes, WSAB takes you back to the basics of personal fitness, provides a healthy dose of adventure and is just plain fun.  No two classes are ever the same, you get outside,  benefit from camaraderie with other campers, and are given tools so simple, that it’s remarkably empowering to want to go forward. My next camps starts tomorrow, and I can’t wait.

Elizabeth Osder

“I have lost 30 pounds and 19 inches.
I have never felt better in my life.”

I went to my first interview with Adam fully believing that he would tell me I had to lose weight before coming to his class. I was at least 50 pounds overweight and totally out of shape. Instead Adam was caring and compassionate. He said he could help me. And that is what he has done. I have lost 30 pounds and 19 inches. I have never felt better in my life. Not only is Adam a gifted trainer technically, he is full of “Adamisms” that make me laugh when I want to cry and motivate me when I want to quit. His classes are tailored to all levels. You are guaranteed to get a fun, challenging workout in a beautiful setting. Working on my abs while looking up at palm trees….what more can I ask for?

Cathy P 

So far through the Westside Adventure Boot Camp experience I have lost 21.5 lbs and 24 total inches from my body! I couldn’t have done it without Adam. He has spoken with me at length about my nutrition and fitness on several occasions. Adam is a great instructor, the group has wonderful camaraderie, and I can’t wait for the next boot camp to start! I’m hooked on boot camp!
Devin A.

I really want to thank you. The camp has been amazing for me…I thoroughly enjoy the Westside Adventure Boot Camp with Adam. Adam keeps each and everyone in the camp very focused and motivated with varied workouts that are both challenging and fun. I simply can’t say enough good things about my experience with Westside Adventure Camp. I feel great about myself! I’m very grateful. Thanks once again!!!
Karishma Mehta

Thanks to Adam Brewer’s fitness and nutritional program, I am feeling the best I ever have. I went to Adam complaining of a lack of energy. After just a few weeks of working with him, the difference in the way I felt was amazing, and as a bonus not only did I feel better, I now look better than I could ever have imagined. He was fantastic to work with, always enthusiastic, and entertaining. I have never had so much fun whilst working out! Following Adam’s fitness program was the best choice I ever made. I’m so glad to have finally found an exercise program that works and that I have been able to stick to.

Thank you Adam!
Carla Arguelles

Adam Brewer’s Fitness program is powerfully progressive, simple to follow and assures amazing results. It is specialized for the idividual who wishes to build, maximize and maintain their optimal potential. It is cutting-edge and geared to evolve showing Adam Brewer’s true brilliance and mastery in the field. His passion, enthusiasm, and integrity are undeniably contagious. It would be foolish not to jump on board with him.

Adam… I am with you!
Angela Leong

Adam, when one enters a room that you are in, I can feel and just about see all of the positive charges literally bouncing off of everything! Listening to you makes me feel like I am back in the classroom. Learning, like working out, is also such an addiction.

Thank you.
Janice Bourgoine

I highly recommend Adam Brewer’s Westside Adventure Boot Camp in Santa Monica! I was feeling frumpy, but just wasn’t motivated enough to work out regularly on my own; I needed to jump-start my exercise program. I wanted tough (but not miserably so) workouts and the structure of a group class, but I did not want to be in a “military- style” boot camp. I didn’t want to get yelled at; I just wanted to get back in shape. Well, I found everything I wanted-and more-when I joined Adam’s Boot Camp. Adam is such a pro; he’s so knowledgeable about all aspects of training and nutrition. He constantly changes the workouts, so it’s always challenging, and never boring. Plus, he’s a really nice guy and has a great sense of humor, so even though the classes are hard, he makes it fun. There’s no yelling or criticism ever. Adam creates a supportive, non-competitive environment, encouraging everyone to do the best they (not the person next to them) can do that day, especially if someone is recuperating or a beginner. I started feeling fitter and stronger in a very short time, but was truly amazed at how quickly my body began changing. In only a few weeks, my body was firmer and my clothing was looser-I had lost inches already! Talk about motivating! If you want results you can see, Adam Brewer is the best!

Katie Rosa

Adam’s bootcamp in Santa Monica is the BEST fitness class I’ve ever done! I look forward to going to his class every week. He really goes out of his way to make every workout tailor fit to your level, needs, etc. I really feel like I’m getting a private training session every time I go! It’s a real steal! I wanted to work on toning and leaning my body out. After 4 weeks my abs transformed into something I’m really proud of! I’ve also seen marked result is the tone of my arms… someone asked me the other day if I was a personal trainer because they thought I looked so fit!!! I do the bootcamp 3 days a weeks and when I asked Adam what I should be working on the other days he sent me a workout plan he personally came up with to help me achieve exactly what i wanted to get myself in shape. He is the nicest most inspiring trainer I’ve ever worked with and I HIGHLY recommend his camp!

Molly Beucher


I just wanted to thank you for being a fantastic coach for the Westside Boot Camp. After just 2 weeks of doing boot camp, I already feel stronger, my body is already beginning to change, my endurance has increased, and I feel like I am gaining my work life balance back. I am so glad that I joined and I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks.

Dawn S

Hi Adam,

I’d like to express my gratitude for your positive energy and inspiration that you bring each morning to our camp. I feel so great getting my body moving again and I’ve started to feel a shift in my health and spirit. My mind is clearer and I’m noticing an overall balance in my day to day life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Taisha G

Some trainers or fitness instructors try to motivate you by barking at you like a drill sergeant. Adam takes a much better approach. He gets you to WANT to work out at a challenging level by encouraging you. The pace and challenge is appropriate to all levels of fitness, because he gives instructions on how to adapt the workout to your individual level, and there is no judgment about your current level of fitness. (Some participants run marathons and some only ever run to the donut shop, but everyone can get something from this class.) The attention he gives to each person in class makes it seem almost like a one-on-one training session (for a fraction of the cost). He even gives nutrition advice. His great attitude is infectious and makes you feel good mentally after a great physical workout, perhaps even saying to yourself as you leave, “Yeah, I DID do a great job today!” 
But it’s not just joy and sunshine; the workouts will kick your butt! Many a day have I felt “the burn” during a bootcamp class. The day after a workout I’m always good-sore. And then there are the results. After just a few weeks I noticed parts of me that used to jiggle don’t anymore. One night I was laying on my bed and rested my hand on my thigh – and it was muscular! I love to hike and I’ve noticed it much easier to go uphill now. 
Bottom line: I can’t recommend Adam’s classes enough! Do yourself a favor and just sign up right now. The value is amazing for what you get, and I guarantee it will be the best investment you could make this year.

Denise M


You are my entertainment of the day. They say to always laugh and that is how I start my day…listening to you!
Thank you for always being so helpful and definitely motivating!.
See you Thursday.

Christi H

I have never been athletic – even though I look it – so as I got older and it became harder to keep from gaining weight, I had no habits in place to help me stay in shape. But Adam makes it so easy. His combination of encouragement, knowledge and good humor is what gets me out of bed [VERY EARLY] in the morning and makes me miss the days when I can’t make it. I can’t say he’s turned me into what you would call a “runner” but I am now someone who CAN run, AND can do push-ups – which I never thought possible.

Liz O’Gara

I used to be in pretty good shape, having been a runner and a dancer for years. But dealing with some injuries and having more responsibilities at work, I kind of got busy and lazy and let myself go the last four years. I lost some good conditioning and stamina that I had worked hard to build and had to start over. When I decided to get back into shape and do my old routines I noticed I wasn’t getting the same results as I used too, or I wasn’t losing weight fast enough. So rather than focusing solely on cardio-based workouts, I decided to take a different route – circuit training…I joined Adam’s boot camp about five weeks ago. Without really dieting, and just purely working out, I lost 7 lbs. So that’s about 1.4 pounds a week on the average. I’ve also lost a couple of inches in my waist. With Adam’s boot camp, I’ve learned to work out different muscles all at the same time; thus strengthening them. When you build muscle, the faster you burn calories I guess. I sweat like a dog in 10 minutes, and I don’t have to run four miles to do it. So I got a little boost in my metabolism too. 
I also like Adam’s classes because of the reasons everyone else listed below. He makes it fun and different every time so you don’t get bored. And most of all I think I appreciate his sense of humor. He should be a comedian on the side, as you find yourself laughing when he tells his stories while you are trying not to die from doing push ups. Before you know it the hour is over, and you’ve had an enjoyable workout.