July 8, 2015


Bootcamp Connect  

Brief Overview of BC Payment Options:

Pricing Options for each 4 week camp:

    • $229 for Unlimited Workouts (up to 12 )
    • $199 for 9 Workouts

    • $149 for 6 workouts
    • $30 for 1 workout
  • SPECIAL OFFER For Santa Monica  Classes: 1 Trial Week of classes (M-W-F) for ONLY $20

*All packages are to be used throughout a four week period. Classes are NOT carried over to the next camp.

**SPECIAL OFFER: if after your week trial you decide Bootcamp Connect isn’t for you; you walk away. However, if you decide you LOVE IT (and I know you will), your $20 will be put toward whatever package you want to purchase for the remainder of camp.

You now have 2 options:
A. You can print this form and send it in with payment by mail
B. Register Online
Fill out the online form below to register via internet.
Click on Submit to go to the payment page.
Payment Page: Pay via Paypal. Choose your class and finish your online registration (A PayPal account is not required to pay via PayPal) OR pay with Venmo…sending money to @AdamMichael-Brewer

NOTE: Spaces fill quickly for this unique experience.
We cannot guarantee your space until we have received payment.

If paying by check, please bring it to your first session & make check out to:
Adam M. Brewer
Phone: (310) 383-2828

Camp Options

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